May 2, 2017

Verboden Video has teamed up with Lo-Fi Video to bring the 1989 horror film SLASHDANCE back to life! We have obtained the original Beta SP master from the producer and the transfer has gorgeous color. This release will look far better than ever before! And check out the badass, previously unused artwork that will be used on our limited VHS run!

VHS Preorders are now available! Get your copy here. DVDs coming soon!

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April 3, 2017

Exciting announcement today! Our Blu-ray of SPLIT will include the never-before-seen 105 minute original cut of the film! We unearthed a print that was struck for a Cannes submission in 1987, and have conformed the original negative to the cut. Only a small handful of shots from the print had to be used to complete the cut, so it looks BEAUTIFUL.

This version contains 21 minutes of additional, brain bending material, featuring more time with the Artist, Susan, The Director, and some great, long-lost visual sequences!

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January 18, 2017

The digital master for SPLIT is coming along nicely! We have used a very clean 35mm interpositive as the base, and have filled it in with the 16mm original negatives wherever possible. Among the film elements we received from director Chris Shaw was an original trailer, with slightly different audio from the video release. We have dropped in the image from the digital master, and restored the original optical soundtrack, and it is now live on our YouTube channel!


December 9, 2016

A review for HOLY MOLY just went up on! Horror Society writer Blacktooth, a big fan of obscure shot-on-video horror, delves into the madness from director Lance Ozanix. Read it here!

December 3, 2016

Get Some Magazine did an in-depth interview with Verboden Video owner Warren Chan!

Read the full interview here.

October 21, 2016

The HOLY MOLY 25th Anniversary DVD is shipping now! For sale here, on Storenvy, and on our Facebook store!

Holy, a mild-mannered priest in a small town, runs into a demon after church one day. The demon, Vile Lynn, possesses Holy and forces him to kill. But Holy cannot deal with the guilt, and must confront the demon to stop the killing.

The DVD was produced using the original SVHS master tapes!


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This collector's edition DVD is fully loaded:

- The original, remastered 41-minute cut for the first time on DVD!

- Remastered 30-minute recut from 1999

- Commentary on both versions of the movie by director Lance Ozanix

- New interview with Lance Ozanix (15 min)

- New interview with co-star and FX artist Rafael Robletto (9 min)

- Bloopers and behind-the-scenes footage (20 min)

- Original, remastered trailer

- Still gallery of the original, hand-written Holy Moly outline



 We cut together a little teaser for the release:


September 23, 2016


BLONDE DEATH is now available for sale! Get your copy at Mondo!


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August 8, 2016

Continuing to plug away at perfecting the release of ORIGINAL SINS. We found a few more people to interview, which will help to corroborate some of the insanity reported by the cast and crew we've already interviewed. That portion of this release is going to be epic!

We were fortunate enough to have access to all of the original raw footage for the movie, from which we rebuilt the entire feature using the 1-inch master as a guide. That means no generational loss! This is the highest quality anyone has or could ever see of ORIGINAL SINS!

To illustrate, we have put together some side by side images. On the left are stills from the DVD rip floating around the torrents, and on the right are stills from our new digital master. Final color is pending director approval, but this is close to what will appear on the disc.

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July 8, 2016

Our next title is now official! Coming in a few months, Verboden Video will present the 1992 shot-on-SVHS horror oddity, HOLY MOLY. Directed by and starring Lance Ozanix of the thrash metal band Skitzo, this weird gem features all kinds of strangeness, from a spine-ripping demon to a neon vomit spewing baby.

The movie was originally released on VHS through at the original 41-minute runtime, and has since been released as a re-edited 30 minute version. Our release will feature BOTH cuts of the movie, along with the original trailer, never before seen bloopers and behind the scenes footage, a brand new and exclusive director commentary, and we are currently looking into getting interviews with some other cast and crew!

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February 27, 2016

Just shot a wonderful interview with the lovely star of BLONDE DEATH, Sara Lee Wade! She had lots of insights into the production of this gem of ultra-low budget black comedy. Can't wait to share it with you all!

For now, here is a still from the footage:



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January 21, 2016

We are very proud to announce that Verboden Video will be partnering with an amazing ally in the preservation and propagation of trash and exploitation cinema. More details coming soon!

October 9, 2015

It's official! I collected the last signature today, and Verboden Video will be releasing James Robert Baker's (AKA James Dillinger) 1983 shot-on-VHS opus, BLONDE DEATH. We are looking at a December release, depending on how long it takes to assemble the special features. James Baker himself sadly passed in 1997, but there are still of number of key collaborators out there with insight into this wonderful, irreverent piece of video history.

Check out the trailer below!

September 4, 2015


We are very pleased to announce our first title - ORIGINAL SINS. Directed by Howard S. Berger and Matthew M. Howe in 1995, ORIGINAL SINS is an experience as blasphemous as it is hilarious. Four young women fall under the influence of a very peculiar Christ, and do his equally peculiar bidding. Featuring what is perhaps my favorite on-screen portrayal of a demon ever (played by Scooter McCrae, director of SHATTER DEAD), this film was loved by Lucio Fulci, Joe Dante, and many others who were lucky enough to catch one of few screenings.

ORIGINAL SINS received a very brief VHS release from Something Weird Video in the 90's, under the "Frank Henenlotter's Sexy Shockers" banner, but the transfer was poor, with muted colors and a SWV watermark.

Verboden Video will be releasing the most robust special edition of this film imaginable, chock full of tantalizing never-before-seen material, and new interviews with the cast and crew!